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  • 神奈川県厚木市金田1030
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Graduate recruitment

Work position
  1. CAD/CAM engineer
  2. MC machine operator
  3. Mold finishing engineer
Work type Full-time (with trial period)
Requirements New graduates in March
Work content
  1. CAD、CAM mold design, modeling, processing data creation
  2. Metal cutting work with MC machine
  3. Mold finishing work, assembly adjusting, polishing
Salary University graduates: 210,000 JPY/month
Technical college graduates; 185,000 JPY/month
High school graduates: 163,000 JPY/month
Work time 8:00~17:00 (including 60 min break)
Holiday aturday (some work), Sunday, summer vacation, year-end vacation, special leave, annual holiday: 112 days (according to calendar)
Treatment pay rise once a year, bonus twice a year, closing dividend bonus, transportation costs fully reimbursed, family allowance, skill allowance, retirement system, long employment award, group life insurance, various social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension insurance, unemployment insurance, accident compensation insurance)
Training system new employees training, new employees follow up, various skill training, OJT and others